Holiday Planner Excel

With the Holiday Planner Excel Download Manage staff planners holidays in the company. Here, the manager automatically takes into account weekends and holidays.

Holiday Planner Excel Download with clear calendar view

New holidays or days off add HR managers with a few clicks in holiday planner easily added, so the company holiday in no time, for example, stored in the program. In a clear calendar showing the Vacation Planner for Excel and OpenOffice free days of all employees in different colors displays. Even the weekend and are marked accordingly in the holiday planner, as well as school holidays in the respective province. The approved vacation days are calculated automatically deducting the holidays and weekends and holidays deducted from the total quota of each employee.

The rest leave for the last year and the leave entitlement for the current year to wear one for each employee. The Vacation Planner for Excel and OpenOffice abandoned in favor of clarity on modern gadgets and optical overhead. For this, the planning guide offers a quick and insightful look at the essentials: The holiday plans of employees.

Holiday Planner Excel Download

Limitations of holiday planner

The trial version manages the months of January to March and a maximum of 12 employees.