DriveClone Free

Of the DriveClone Download clone individual partitions and entire hard drives. The freeware performs a full backup of your own system so that emergency access to lost files is fast and uncomplicated.

Secure it with the DriveClone Download disks and partitions

DriveClone made at one-to-one copies of partitions of any size, and also supports SSD drives. All data can be stored with the freeware in a compressed archive and back up to CD or DVD. For emergencies and after data loss is DriveClone the complete system restores. The backup can then be restored on another computer with a different hardware configuration.

DriveClone is an interesting backup solution that is released in the non-commercial version for a private use. In the freeware version some features are compared to the paid shareware version, however, does not include, among other things, a backup of previous file versions and an incremental Datenkloning.

Limitations of DriveClone NC

The Free version has only been released for purely private use. The fee-based shareware versions offer advanced features.