Download the best Civ 6 mods for free!

Who Civ 6 Mods investigated this place in the future in the Steam Workshop where creative gamers of Civilization provide 6 fanbase their own modifications available to refine their own game experience after 6 Civilization download and add new features.

More fun with the best Civ 6 Mods

In the new Civilization 6 Update are finally modding tools and Steam Workshop integration on board so that the Civ 6 mod community big and small modifications can make now with the official blessing of the developer company Firaxis itself. With the new modding tools creative gamers turn to various screws of the popular turn-based strategy game and go with the Civ mods VI to innovative changes in the gameplay. You can share the rest of the fans in it and share the Civ 6 mods on Steam Workshop with other gamers.

Civ 6 ModsWe show where players the best Civ find 6 Mods! (Picture:

How to install the Civ 6 mods?

However Civ 6 mods are available not only via the Steam Workshop. There have long been various Civilization 6 modifications that allow gamers to spice up the game experience. The first stop for Civ 6 Modder is the forum of where numerous Civ mods are 6 available for download. Who 6 mods wants to install one of Civilization, created a mods subfolder in the user directory of Civilization 6, which, for example, in the path ... \ Documents \ My Games \ Sid Meier's Civilization IV is to be found.

The Mod files unzipped the gamer in a subdirectory in the new Mods folder and activates the Civ VI Mods menu Additional content. Before overwriting the game files the user should make a backup of the original files. More readable instructions are usually included in the readme file of the modders.

How is 6 modders themselves to Civ?

Those who would like to be six modders in an uncomplicated way to Civ, simply accesses the file Eras.xml in the installation folder and influences with changed values ​​the start conditions of the game. If the player on the other hand looking for the best mods for Civilization 6, he finds in Forum including the Fan Improvements Patch here to affect the game speed as you wish. In this way it is possible to overcome too lengthy periods much faster

Civ 6 Mods Fan Improvements PatchWith the fan Improvements Patch Civ 6 gamers changes the game speed. (Picture:

iron out historical inaccuracies and blunders

however, who attaches great importance to historical authenticity, picks here for Civ 6 Mod Historicity ++, which corrected some historical errors and inaccuracies that undermine six-developers to Civilization.

Start cancel advantages of the computer opponents with Civ VI Mods

Useful for Civilization six newcomers, the Mod Smoother Difficulty that unfair advantages start the computer opponent is eliminated, so that the gamer is largely spared at the beginning of the game from the invasion of enemy units. More info here