Lifesum app

Lifesum app

Users who want to prescribe a healthy lifestyle, get the Lifesum app the right partner at hand. The Android application comes with food diary, activity tracking, diet planning and control of successes around the corner.

Lifesum App aware life

Personal projects to live healthier multipart to play sports and conscious eating, usually fail due to the stresses of everyday life and because of old habits. Lifesum-founder Tove Westlund has tackled this problem and developed a tool that optimally engage in efforts of a healthy lifestyle under the arms. With the Lifesum Android application users receive a lifestyle tracker. The core of the app is the calorie counter, which can be, so to speak live a food diary. Coupled the whole thing with the option to track sports activities or to achieve weight-loss goals when necessary.

Lifesum app

Lifesum brings calorie counter on Android

The main component of Lifesum is the integrated calorie counter. The user can enter every meal and every snack in the app and can add up. The app tells the user how much calories he may invest up to take in every day to get to his own request destination. Thus summing the calories works, the app Lifesum served on a huge database. This includes millions of food along with its nutritional values. In addition, it is possible to scan the barcodes of products. These are then stored and can always be used again. The user can also choose at its food information between different portions.

Lifesum calorie counter app

Who will track your drinks and food shots good, contains detailed information about your lifestyle and learn how healthy or unhealthy just one’s daily life is like.

eat & Drinking Download with weightloss assistant

The app Lifesum to be addressed, who want to eat just healthier and more aware of not only users. The Android application also comes with support for losing weight. Among the best known diets five are integrated. Who selects one of these will receive specific diet plans and corresponding calorie charts. On board the following diet trends are:

  • Standard weight-loss treatment according to WHO
  • 5: 2 diet
  • Protein diet
  • Low Carb High Fat Diet
  • Food Combining Diet

combine conscious eating with exercise

To lose weight conscious life or, possibly surrounded his diet, the movement should not be forgotten. Only the combination brings body balance and sustainability. To achieve this, the app has about 200 workouts on board. Other activities can be tracked thanks to integration of Google Fit, Withings and Runkeeper.

Lifesum App Training

Successes and the current status can be tracked in the Life Circle. Moreover Lifesum provides tables and graphs ready for training and food.