WeTransfer is a practical Filehoster for large files up to two gigabytes, which works completely through the web browser. Therefore, no additional software is needed. The free Sharehoster even comes completely without registration.

WeTransfer Download: easily send files XXL

The Filehoster WeTransfer scores with a German Upload Wizard. With a few mouse clicks, the user inserts to be sent files to an upload archive. is the size of a file or file archive A maximum of two gigabytes. The generated online archive remains a week available. WeTransfer was founded in December 2009 in Amsterdam by the Dutch Ronald Hans and Bas Beerens. The Web service stores since digital data from a PC or smartphone temporarily on a remote computer system.

WeTransfer download

File transfer is possible at up to 20 people

Not primarily serves the WeTransfer Download the sharing of files with others, but the Sending large files to one or more recipients. The number of recipients is limited to 20 people. According providers use more than two million people a day service for transferring files. Before the shipment takes place, you have only the Enter email addresses of senders and recipients &# 45; already the upload starts. Once the Web service generates the sharing link and the receiver has started the download via a non-public web link, the sender will receive a confirmation email each. The files are deleted one week after uploading from the server

Send user has soothing Advertising

Of the WeTransfer download funded primarily by advertising, however, is designed as unobtrusive as well, fortunately, so it is hardly felt in comparison to other services as disturbing. With the additional fee-based service WeTransfer Plus to file can be up to 10 gigabytes of transfer and use some more features.

WeTransfer Download Design

Uncomplicated share files with friends The web service need not fear comparison with other One-Click-Hosters like RapidShare or Megaupload and scores with a modern, chic design combined with a remarkably simple handling. The data upload goes smoothly from the hand and the user interface is designed very clear. Of particular note is that the user does not register, to use the service. Conclusion: Rare it was easier to share large files or archives online with friends and acquaintances.