eBoostr grabs applications often used by the hard drive to faster memory. This can be a USB flash drive, flash drive or just the memory. This results in much faster program startup and a more upbeat version. If the memory is full, Windows stores files on the hard drive. but the hard disk is much slower than the RAM and then the whole system slows down. eBoostr writes the swap file on up to four flash drives whose access times are much lower than those of the hard drive. In addition, an intelligent cache logic cares about what data is stored on the flash drives. With appropriate flash hardware such as fast USB sticks, are quite rauszuholen improvements. On older 32-bit Windows systems only 3.2 GB of RAM are available - even if 4GB are installed, which is the case in many PCs. eBoostr also makes use of the memory above this limit magic advantage. Sun is still swapped from memory, but turn into memory. That sounds strange, but makes perfect sense. The idea behind eBoostr Lite is obvious. usually much data is written to the swap file on startup just consuming software so any user can get an idea of ​​the performance boost on your PC with the current demo version.

Limitations of eBoostr

All features are available for two hours after startup.