The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees provides the complete catalog of approved for the naturalization test exam questions ("live in Germany") And templates serving as WebApp ready. Those who want to acquire German citizenship can prepare optimally in this way for the naturalization test. But also for German nationals is the naturalization test to an entertaining knowledge test about the social order in Germany. It consists of a total of 310 possible questions, including 300 general and 10 questions that can be answered only in certain states. With the successful participation in the citizenship test immigrants knowledge of the legal and social system and of living conditions in Germany can prove. These are needed to become a German citizen. For each question you choose from four possible answers from a response. In the naturalization test is always only one answer correctly. The user then receives the same display the correct answer. With the buttons "next task" and "previous task" you can rewind and continue browsing. but it is also possible to select a task number from the list displayed directly. When model questionnaire and the real citizenship test will be selected 33 pieces from the entire catalog of 310 questions, of which 17 must be answered correctly. The list of questions for test preparation and specimen questionnaires provide useful tools to learn for the test target and test their own knowledge.