The Sync2 for Outlook Download synchronizes the data such as calendar, notes, tasks and e-mails via FTP, network folder or USB drive between different computers. The procedure is easy here and very intuitive.

The Sync2 for Outlook Download and his requirements

Of the Sync2 for Outlook Download is fast and he installed also rapidly on the PC. After that, the user can Syndicate data from Outlook between different computers, synchronize ie. Making it Work smoothly, should the standard office software Outlook to be installed in a version from 2000 to 2013 on each of those PCs.

Sync2 for Outlook Download

Sync2 for Outlook for perfect synchronization

The synchronization between computers is carried out with portable files: This allows the user to synchronize the data on a variety of storage media such as USB removable drives, shared network folder or FTP, without a server would be necessary. Any change is then transferred to the respective folders after each synchronization. This also happens if the Outlook program is not open. Very practical is also that of Sync2 for Outlook Download synchronized as entries in the Google calendar and contacts with Outlook. bring what functions and features of other e-mail tools for free download, can be compared here.

Sync2 for Outlook Download Verification

look & Feel of the e-mail tools

The design of Sync2 for Outlook is kept sparse and minimalist. The various dialog boxes are outlined in blue, and otherwise have a white background area, which shows the different operations from each other clearly demarcating. The handling is very beginner friendly, whereby the tool can be operated each well. In addition, the synchronization process can be performed manually or automatically, making operation designed even easier, because: If the automatic adjustment switched on only once, the user need do nothing further and still sync getting all folders, calendar, notes, tasks and e-mails , The following video tutorial shows interested users once the individual first steps from start to synchronize:

Limitations of Sync2 for Outlook

The trial version runs for 14 days.