Google Play Store Login does not work: What can you do?

Google Play Store Login does not work: What can you do?

Actually, one would like to download one app – but the Google Play Store Login will not quite? This can have several causes. We have compiled the most common problems and found solutions.

On Google Play store hardly an Android user passes. The huge App Market is the counterpart to Apple’s App Store – just with countless APKs for Android users. Therefore, the free Google Play Store app on most devices is pre-installed ex works – but offers itself also for those which still lack the app. The store offers everything a Android Heart: They range from apps and games on music and movies to e-books – all bundled in one place. In addition, Google has always an eye on the available Store to download apps. So malware is sorted out directly in almost all cases.

Google Play Store LoginThe Google Play Store Login does not work? These tips should help. (Image: Google / Editorial)

Annoying it is, therefore, if one fails the Google Play Store login and can not browse for apps. Troubleshooting however, the user has several options available.

Google Play Store login: Gateway to the app market

Ever since Google’s former Android Market with Google Music, Movies and Books connected, the store acts as a true all-round package for Android users. Here, as with Google has become common, all easily accessible via the Google login. Say: The Google-mail address is also the key to the Play Store. Does not the login, you can no longer reach not only the mail service, the Drive account or other associated functions, but also the store not. And often it is simply in a mundane thing: the password or the username.

Google Play Store Login HelpFor login problems the Google Help can be requested. (Image: Google / Screenshot)

Password or Username

If the Google Play Store Login not possible because your your username – so your Googlemail- or Gmail address – you or your Password Forgot sure you can easily retrieve you this. Google offers this fact several options.

If there is no username – that the email address – You can simply on Find My account tap. In the next screen you can e-mail address or specify a phone number that you have linked your with your Google Account. not you know this information, you can Getting help from Google and lands on a page where you can select your problem at registration. In further steps, Google helps.

but you just can partout not remember his password, Google offers the possibility for account to help requested. For this You can simply on under the blue Login button Do you need help? Click or tap. Alternatively, you can you sign up with a different account when you have a second.

just want you to reset your password and have the Help link is clicked, introduce yourself to Google now gradually some assistance available. Can not be helped you, you can on Try a different question try. These options are available:

Google Play Store Login PasswordWho has forgotten his password gets assimilated several paths to choose from. (Image: Google / Screenshot)

  • First, you shall enter the last password that you remember.
  • Do you have any idea you can watch to display a command prompt on your smartphone linked that with Yes must be confirmed.
    * Have you linked not a smartphone, Google can send you an SMS with a verification code to your stored phone number. Optionally, you can also let you call – this is also possible with landline numbers.
  • You should have eventually entered a “backup e-mail address” to which Google now can send a code.
  • Does not help also that Google provides you a security question that you have specified during registration.
  • Can you you not to this question, let alone remember the answer, Google will ask for when you have created your first Google account about. suffice month and year.
  • Finally, there is the ability to specify an e-mail address that can be accessed immediately. There Google sends a verification code, which you can then enter the login.

Reset Google Play Store LoginOne of these ways should help reset the password. (Image: Google / Screenshot)

Do not work all these possibilities, but also go Google out of ideas. Nevertheless, in this wide range of options should actually be there a functioning. Should you always have problems, but you feel comfortable in your password and user name, it may be due to a Google internal problem that the Google Play Store Login does not work.

Other problems: Google helps

Beyond the already shown above overview, which can be achieved through this Google page, other problems can be selected. Google then support on the way to re-create the account again.

If the entire Play Store does not only accessible, it may also be due to an internal malfunction. you can get information on allestö interference of any Internet services. Sometimes it helps just to wait just a bit, if anything else fits. Then the Google Play Store Login should also be possible again.