SF Business card

SF Business Card professional business card created in Windows. What remains of a business contact as impression is the business card in the rule.

SF Business Card Download with numerous templates

For a professional lasting impression SF ensures business card. The shareware receives their own contact information and then writes it on a business card, whose layout can be changed with a mouse click. Numerous templates allow you to find the card that best fit their own taste. Professionals use the ability to customize the templates flexible.

For very professional results SF Business Card is working with gradients, shadows fonts, rotated text and geometric figures. Even images in formats such as BMP or JPG can be embedded into the cards with. A dedicated module helps to make very own backgrounds.

SF Business Card Download

SF Business Card create business and individuals alike graphically impressive business cards. Especially practical: Upon request, the shareware printing the finished cards of the same - individually or equal to high volume. Many other tools for designing business cards are represented in our extensive software offering for free download.

Limitations of SF Business Card

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