Even the name of the program reveals what this is about: The ColorKey download a small graphics tool comes on the home PC, which provides images with a refined effect. The helper transforms images in black / white photos, but it can leave colored motifs as accents. With the download, the user will receive a demo version of the tool.

Download ColorKey produces refined color effects

Images can be modified in many different ways, are alienated or embellished. As diverse as the possibilities are so great is the offer of free programs for image editing. Some of them bring the same with the entire toolbox to cut images to change filters and effects. Others are limited to a skill. So it is with downloading ColorKey. The extremely narrow-held tool can basically just what it suggests in its name: It mastered the technique, which is referred to in the image processing as ColorKey.

ColorKey download

Art of image processing: ColorKey

ColorKey describes a common and very popular procedure in the image processing. Here, a subject is determined to be highlighted. This is done by the rest of the image is converted into black and white and is just leaving this image in the predetermined color. This technology can be wonderful to experiment and create funny photos. For example, we can highlight the main subject as a person, a building or a flower. Or you take very small elements, such as a tie or the lips of a woman, thus generating very individual effects.

ColorKey: A simple black / white converter

The image processing program is explicitly designed for the implementation of this effect and helps the user to implement this in a moment. For this, the user has two options. is a variant, click on the command ColorKey and thus activates the brush. This is controlled with the mouse. The user can now take over all areas of the image to be displayed in grayscale. The area to get the focus is simply omitted. Or you do it exactly reversed. For this, the grayscale button is first pressed. This transforms the photo directly in black and white. the user can activate the eraser now to fill certain areas restore color.

Fast results thanks to easy handling

Since the program is a function only of this, it is extremely easy to handle. The few features are available immediately prior knowledge are also not needed. The layout could have been indeed designed a bit more modern, but it served its purpose. Users can reach your destination quickly and produce good results. Small program for ColorKey technology The name is literally program here. By downloading ColorKey the small tool, the technique of the same order with little effort, so that the user can quickly create fun effects. However, other features are nowhere here - more can the little helper unfortunately not.

Limitations of ColorKey

In the trial, the output functions are disabled.