Microsoft Edge slow? release all brakes now

Many users complain that the successor of the IE Microsoft Edge slowly be. What the causes are and how to remove the brake pads - continue!

The Microsoft Download Edge is pre-installed on Windows 10th Clear that users of the new system also watch the IE successor times. While some marvel at lightning speeds, others complain that responses to clicks take sometimes several seconds to load pages eternal or that scrolling is very tedious.

Microsoft Edge slowly

Microsoft Edge slowly: Different causes

Anyone struggling with delays and long load times when Edge browser, can be calmed initially - is not an isolated case. However, there may be various reasons when the new browser from Microsoft behaves significantly slower than its competitors. We expect the matter thoroughly and show solutions to the various problems on.

Is Microsoft Edge slowly, may be to blame in certain circumstances the cache. Perhaps it is faulty or there may be basic errors to the operating system before. Another possible cause is the programming language Java. As already noted, Edge not always get on with Java.

Solutions to accelerate Edge

For the aforementioned reasons, there are different solutions, which are explained in more detail below. The easiest and probably most well-known version is the cache, which also performs in other browsers to speed penalty.

Edge slowly through cache: Troubleshooting

Under certain circumstances, the cache is responsible for ensuring that Microsoft Edge running slow. Cached example, temporary data while browsing steadily information stored. Some data stored or bulging cache memory can cause problems. Therefore, clearing the cache may help. How to make: the Edge:

  • Open the browser and on the menu (three dots) button in the upper right corner.
  • There, the settings are selected
  • Among the settings of the area is Clear browsing data to find, is clicked in the Select on to be deleted item.
  • Now, the user sets checkmark browsing history, cookies, and stored website data as well as cached data and files and click the Delete button.
  • Finally, close the browser and start again.

Microsoft Edge slowly Cache

Is Microsoft Edge still unchanged slow, the user must try the next solution.

resolve problems with Java

Does clearing the cache does not help, the problems can be caused by Java. An uninstall and then install the latest version of Java may help. How to do it:

  • The user navigates through the Control Panel to uninstall programs and then to programs

Microsoft Edge slowly Java

  • There he selects Java and uninstall the software
  • Then the user can install the Java Runtime Environment downloading and here.
  • Restart the computer and check Edge

check system through its paces

Who determines after the second attempt at a solution that Microsoft Edge is slow, can still try our third proposal. This is a system check that is to uncover irregularities and fix errors in Windows 10th

  • First, the user makes a right mouse click on the Windows icon.
  • In the menu, select Command Prompt (Administrator) is clicked.
  • This will open a command window in which we now enters SFC / scannow.
  • So that an automatic troubleshooting is initiated. If any problems are found, fixes Windows 10, this independently.

Microsoft Edge slow system check

At best, the third approach has meant that Microsoft Edge now runs faster.