Sweepi freed the computer from annoying garbage. The free Bomb Disposal for example, delete temporary files or cookies from the hard drive and also takes care of the user's privacy. Furthermore, Sweepi takes a hard look at entries in the Windows registry database and removes unnecessary data here. In this area, however, caution is advised because deleting the wrong registry key can make the computer unstable or even crash. Furthermore, the freeware gives the user more control over the startup and removes programs that start undesirably directly with the operating system. On board Sweepi also has a shredder that does not just delete unneeded files, but overwrite with new data. This makes it difficult to restore the files significantly. Anyone who values ​​his privacy, deletes with Sweepi different history lists from the computer. The last visited websites can thus also disguise as recently opened documents. Sweepi is rounded off by an optimizer for the memory of the computer. This is no longer required RAM free again, thus ensuring greater speed in their daily work.