So you can set the Firefox language!

set the option in Firefox language is not in the normal browser navigation. Learn to how to change the language! The Mozilla Firefox download provides one of the most popular browser, which is due to many benefits and individual settings. In addition, the browser of people around the world can be used as one in Firefox set the language and thus can transfer the program into the local language very quickly.

Set the Firefox browser language and enjoy in native language

There are always situations in which a user wants to change the language of its browser individually. That may be right after installation, if this has not automatically switched to the language. There are also many users who switch between different languages ​​or even want to use in English Firefox prefer. After all, the browser offers many different languages. Among other things, you can switch to the following native languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Conditions for changing the language

There are not many conditions that must be met in order to select the language in Firefox independently. It merely has to be ensured that the Firefox is installed in place and fully in the latest version. In addition, an always-on Internet connection should be available.

So setting a different language succeeds

set the language in Firefox is not particularly difficult. The easiest way is with the following steps: 1&# 46; Step: First, the command is "about: config" inserted into the browser address bar. After that a window where you can make an input reopens. Set Firefox Language 2&# 46; Step: In the open index the file "general.useragent.locale" selected and then the column "value" clicked. 3&# 46; Step: Now the abbreviation for the language change can be entered. For example, is "de" for Germany and French "Fri.", Also, English, Spanish and many other languages ​​can be selected this way. Set Firefox Language value 4&# 46; Step: Now the browser is restarted. The selected language is now available for the user.