stream legally with these alternatives

stream legally with these alternatives

Who legal alternatives seeks will find it here. We provide five-streaming services before offering not only movies, but have concerns. learn more here!

Although the streaming of copyrighted works is still somewhat a legal gray area, should be allowed to exercise caution in the consumption of movies and series. Currently downloading or make available is only legally questionable. When Stream no permanent copy, but is created so that one is immune currently facing legal consequences. Those who still want to play it safe, you should switch to streaming portals that purchase licenses for films and series. Who wants to stay with the illegal vendors despite legal doubts, come here to download the app.

Free alternatives

While here you will not find the latest series and movies, but the following free portals are worth and offer legal alternatives for a cozy movie night.


Who uses YouTube for clips that does not miss a wide range of full-length movies. The best way to feature films via appropriate channels found. In Germany, the most famous YouTube Chanel in the movie area network cinema. The channel is now so popular that network cinema is available as an app now. With CiNENET users will find a whole range of alternatives. The sub-divisions are divided into CiNENET Germany, CiNENET HD, CiNENET art house and CiNENET series. In addition to the channels also can be found easily using the search box on YouTube movies. alternatives


With Clipfish there are not only films and series to the screen, but also current TV shows like Idol, The Bachelor or Let’s Dance. This started in 2006 by RTL interactive portal is monthly, the second largest German video portal with over three million visitors. In first place there is currently MyVideo. alternatives Clipfish


Forming part of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group Portal provides current series and formats that are part of the parent company as a stream. In addition, users can find music videos, theme-based channels and live streams. alternatives MyVideo

power cinema

Power cinema there not only as Chanel at Youtube, but also as independent Streaming Service Users can choose from genres such as Action, Love Stories, Queer, horror, drama or thriller movies and watch. With more than 1,500 films, the portal offers one of the largest legal movie sources. alternatives network cinema


Meanwhile, almost all the major television networks offer a library that can be seen on the both sent episodes and movies as well as trailers or features online. In addition to the public service broadcasters, among other things, RTL, Sat1 and Pro7 offer media libraries. However, the content for legal reasons, are usually only available for a limited time. As a mobile alternatives serve media libraries, because most services can be loaded onto the smartphone or tablet as an app. alternatives