SF roster

Of the SF roster Download is shift work and vacation days together in a clear program interface. The shareware thus allows a quick overview of the personnel planning of operations.

SF roster download including calendar and time account management

In addition, SF roster includes a calendar, including Scheduler. Conveniently, also offers the planner a tool that indicates if the staffing is too thin. For each employee, the service planner brings its own time account.

By assigning user rights, the tool prevents unauthorized changing of the entries. SF roster facilitates human resource planning in small to medium-sized enterprises. The shareware requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Framework and exports the rosters on request as JPEG images or as CSV files for import into Excel and Co.

SF roster Download

SF roster Companies organize the shifts and vacation time employees fairly straightforward. The shareware provides a time account management and a variety of interesting statistics functions. Numerous other work programs for free download are represented in our extensive software catalog.

Limitations of SF roster

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