Super Easy Video Converter

With the Super Easy Video Converter Download convert movie clips to friends for use on other devices. The shareware convert either on their own hard drives stored movies and not copy-protected DVDs.

Super Easy Video Converter download brings videos to the right format

The film specialist has as a bonus a separate downloader on board. This invites video clips of movie portals such as YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion or VideoTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Sevenload, iFilm, and Dailymotion quickly and easily on their hard drive down and converts it wish to do so in the required format. In this way, the user can transfer the clips on their mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones and enjoy the films there in each appropriate format.

Predefined profiles for mobile devices

The operation of the video converter proves to be fairly straightforward. There are several fine adjustments are available, but these are not a must. Who does not want to deal with it in more detail, simply use the default settings and the prefabricated sections. Here is a wide range of mobile devices available with which SuperEasy Video Converter can handle, including iPod, iPhone, PSP, Wii and DVD player. To all mobile players there are predefined profiles that complete their work reliably without any rework of the user. Who would like, however, to intervene in the conversion and adjust the movies to his personal needs, can determine the pixel dimensions of the output video among others.

Super Easy Video Converter Download

Super Easy Video Converter comes with iPhone, PSP & Co. deal

Super Easy Video Converter supports the manufacturer unprotected video DVDs and the formats XviD, DivX, MPEG, TS, HDV, AVCHD, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, 3GP, MP4 and FLV, and the following devices and profiles: Apple iPod video, iPhone, iPod nano and iPod touch, Sony Playstation PSP and PS3, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, all Windows Mobile compatible devices, and Flash video, MP4 or 3GP compatible smart phones and DVD Player with MPEG2 / MPEG4 AVI or MP4. The key features Video Converter at a glance:

  • Fast conversion without noticeable loss of quality
  • capture the chapters of a DVD-Video
  • Video clips and Flash files from the Internet as sources
  • Preview before converting
  • Display detailed information about the movies
  • Decoder for reading the common film formats

Super Easy Video Converter Download YouTube

upload video clips and bring the appropriate format The Super Easy Video Converter download converts DVDs, videos and clips from YouTube & Co. in the desired format and transmits the movies and the same on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Prior knowledge of formats and characteristics of each player are not necessary here because the user simply specifies the target device.

Limitations of Super Easy Video Converter

The trial version is seven days functional.