Samsung Gear 360 manual 2023

Samsung Gear 360 manual

Of the Samsung Gear 360 manual download presents all the popular VR camera functions in detail, to create exciting 360-degree videos. With the original Samsung Gear 360 manual user can exploit fully the possibilities of VR camera and have a helpful companion on hand to discover all the features and settings options.

Samsung Gear 360 manual download with a statement of all the detailed functions

The spherical Samsung Gear 360 with the model number SM-C200 allows the VR camera, the convenient recording of 360 degree videos in decent quality. Photos and videos are absorbed simultaneously with two fisheye lenses and lenses. The user controls the VR camera via a paired smartphone to take fascinating 360-degree panoramas.

Samsung Gear 360 manual downloadSamsung Gear 360 Manual Download PDF with 50 informative pages (Image: Samsung / Editorial)

Especially entertaining is the collaboration with a VR glasses like Samsung Gear VR. The Samsung Gear 360 ensures a great midst effect, a fairly good image quality and a perfect collaboration between the camera and smartphone. A video editing software for the PC is also on board.

Gear 360 as VR camera for thrilling 360-degree videos

By the 360-degree viewing angle, the videos can be played on smartphones from any angle. Whoever receives, for example, a fast-paced bicycle or motorcycle ride, either the driver’s perspective, taking his eyes to the right or to the left or to the drivers themselves targeted. To make the initial settings, the gear is coupled with the app 360th A compatible Galaxy smartphone as S6 or S7 is therefore a prerequisite. After that, among other things, the resolution of 360-degree videos in four different stages can be selected.

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Samsung Gear 360 manual Download SmartphoneA compatible Galaxy smartphone as S6 or S7 is a prerequisite. (Photo: Samsung)

An additional action cam mode with front or rear lens with up to 2560×1440 pixels is available. Who wants to shoot panoramic photos, can save up to 7776×3888 pixels. The recordings are stored on microSD cards. The battery is charged via the micro-USB socket and holds around 100 minutes.

Samsung Gear 360 manual as a PDF manual with 50 pages

With the Samsung Gear 360, the user takes in spectacular VR videos that are being perfectly reproduced with a VR glasses. Despite some small flaws and Hakeleien is a cool VR experience me the spherical 360-degree camera. The Samsung Gear 360 manual explains in a PDF file on 50 pages all fine tuning options and features.

Samsung Gear 360 user with three sections and notes

The Samsung Gear 360 user first starts with the chapter Basic information. Topics are included, device design, LED, camera status screen, memory card, battery, Samsung Gear Fit 360 on a tripod, Samsung Gear 360 on and off and connect to a mobile device.

Samsung Gear 360 manual Download Device componentsUnit design and basic information Gear 360 manual. (Picture: Samsung / Editorial)

It continues in the second part of the Samsung Gear 360 manual Download with Samsung Gear use 360 ​​and the following sections: Using the menus Samsung Gear 360, remotely with a mobile device to connect, record videos or photos, watch videos, or pictures, use Gear 360 Action Director, files transferred to a computer, connect to Google Street View, update software and settings before Samsung Gear 360 counselor with the Appendix advice and help ends with problems. Other manuals and programs for telecommunications contains our versatile download catalog.

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