Windows Defender disable 10 - permanently! 2023

Windows Defender disable 10 – permanently!

Microsoft AntiSpyware is pre-installed in Windows 10th Become Turn off Windows Defender 10 wants, needs an auxiliary tool. make smart Here’s how to shut down the Defender permanently!

With the download of Windows 10, each user gets the in-house anti-spyware, Windows Defender. This is pre-installed as previous operating systems of Windows and runs automatically. But not every user really want to use this virus protection – but get rid of it again, is not so simple.

Turn off Windows Defender 10

Turn off Windows Defender 10: Why necessary?

Microsoft provides the Defender with its operating systems with the same. It is designed to ensure protection against spyware and other potential dangers and come for it with two methods on the PC: Real-time protection alerts you when spyware is installed or run, or changes to the PC are made. The scanning options knocking the computer from the installed spyware.

Now there are on the market countless other anti-virus and spyware programs, for example, made by Avast, AVG or Avira. If you prefer to use one of these products to protect its computer should turn off Windows Defender 10. Why? The two programs could get in the way and possibly interfere with each other. Of course, this in turn jeopardizes the protection.

disable Windows Defender at short notice

The Windows 10 operating system provides the user with a very easy way to deactivate the Defenders available. However, this option has a huge catch: The shutdown is only short term. Each time you restart the program is automatically reactivated. So this first way causes only a short-term shutdown, where the Defender interrupts his work, but not completely stopped.

  • The user first opens the menu on the Windows icon. He clicks the option settings.
  • Among the settings, users will find the category update and security, which is clicked.
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Windows 10 Defender disable settings

  • There you selected on the left side the Windows Defender, and it appears the sub-items of the protection program.
  • For short-term deactivation of users switched all controls to Off.

Windows 10 Defender deactivate Drive

The long-term disabling Windows Defender 10

As already mentioned, the above performed disable the next time the computer is reset immediately. To disable the Windows Defender 10 – in other words, must abschalten- permanently to therefore take a different approach. But that is not much more complicated thanks to useful utility software, as a variant one.

  • (1) The user needs first and foremost a supplementary tool, the so-called NoDefender. Here you can download the free NoDefender.

Windows 10 Defender disable NoDefender

  • (2) The zip file will be unzipped and opened. The Let’s get started start screen tells the user that he simply needs to follow the steps of the program. This is indeed like that. When you click Next we go.

Windows 10 Defender disable Step 1

  • (3) In the Step 1 window, the user must now click Settings button Open Windows Defender. In order for the relevant window is opened from the settings of Windows 10th
  • (4) There, as in variant one the three controls real-time protection, cloud-based protection and transmission of examples will now be set to Off.

Windows 10 Defender disable off protection

  • (5) It follows Step 2 of the program, where the user simply clicks on the button Disable Windows Defender. Who wants to continue with the process and is sure that he wants to disable the Windows 10 Defender, click Next. You can also cancel the whole thing by closing the application easy.

Windows 10 Defender disable Step 2

  • (6) Who chose Next, still gets a confirmation window. The Defender is now shut down completely and permanently.
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