eXPert PDF Editor 2023

eXPert PDF Editor

Of the eXPert PDF Editor Download combines functions for displaying and processing the widespread PDF documents under one roof. The shareware adds, for example, comments the user added or providing passages with colored highlights.

eXPert PDF Editor download including OCR

In addition, eXPert PDF Editor is to revise the textual or graphical content. Images can not only be removed or inserted, but also scaled, rotated or flipped. In addition, the alternative to Adobe Acrobat extracted individual pages, new adds or merges multiple PDF documents into one.

eXPert PDF Editor is rounded off by a tool for modifying the security settings. So one adds its PDFs, for example, access or editing restrictions to and removes them again. Meanwhile eXPert PDF Editor brings also an OCR function on the computer. This recognizes written components of scanned PDFs and makes them editable on the screen.

eXPert PDF Editor Download

Limitations of eXPert PDF Editor

15 days trial

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