Of the sPlan download is the PCB design and drawing of schematics aside. Thanks to templates, forms, extensive component library inlusive editor meaningful tools for the creation, automatic bill of materials and a sophisticated print function planner for small or large projects are well prepared.

Schematic drawing with the sPlan Download

First things first: The pure PCB design goes with the sPlan Download slight of hand. The clear user interface offers an extensive component library. Here electronic components are easily selected and inserted by mouse in the schematic editor. Integrated into the program is a standard library and a demo library with additional modules, such as Texas Instruments. More Bibs, users can at any time also integrate via network drive and also create. For this is specially prepared a component editor with various text and graphic tools.

sPlan download

The included sPlan Download Standard Parts Library:

  • antenna systems
  • AVR
  • batteries
  • operations
  • Digital: Flip Flops
  • Digital: Gate
  • DIL
  • diodes
  • Elektroakustik
  • Electrical installation
  • FET
  • casing
  • generators
  • Hydraulics / Pneumatics
  • capacitors
  • Ground, earth
  • measuring instruments
  • Engines
  • OPs
  • PIC
  • relay
  • roar
  • Switch (generally, actuator, pressure)
  • Protection and contacts
  • fuses
  • Siemens LOGO
  • signaler
  • Do the washing up
  • Plugs and sockets
  • breadboards
  • thyristors
  • transformers
  • transistors
  • TTL
  • resistors
  • Symbols, Others

Once scheduled, you can align objects create the diagram placed anywhere, rotate, scale, mirror, tilt and move on several levels in the view forward or backward. By double-clicking also one defines identifiers and values ​​and activated on request an automatic numbering. In addition, components can be declared as a parent and placed in this way later with Childs in a relationship. Changes to the parent of a group of components in this way are then automatically transferred to the associated elements – practical! The following clip illustrates the procedure.

In the background of the plan a grid with definable scaling and line thickness in the placement of the components helps. An even more precise alignment can be achieved by addition placeable horizontal and vertical magnetic lines that can be moved freely at any time. Besides, it adds an optional images of JPG and BMP.

create schematics for larger projects

SPlan brings useful tools in addition to pure plan design. So are templates for specific diagram sizes with a click ready. Individual sheets containing, for example, a backbone or frequently used circuits can also be saved and accessed at any time from the library. About forms order is additionally held by numbering plans and other information such as Editors, Reviewers, et cetera. So you are prepared both for creating individual circuit diagrams as well as for larger configurations of related equipment sketches with multiple worksheets. Pro features such as the component search facilitate navigation and adaptation in complex planning. Via Edit -> Search component is the component Finder both names, as well as associated values. The overall picture of used parts can quickly acquire, however, about BOMs. Thus, the production of electronic circuits and devices can either be sensibly planned in advance, or for home hobbyists just simply the next order in the electric catalog.

Print diagrams and export

The finished design stores sPlan either in the program’s own format, or export them into the graphic formats GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF or SVG vector graphics. In addition, a print function is available with reasonable designed options. These include on several pages, for example, the Banner mode that prints sketches. Details such as a definable overlapping round off the printed image.

SPlan download print function

Limitations of sPlan

No save, print or export the schematics