ALDI TALK Prices: from the basic tariff to package music

The ALDI TALK prices are considered to be unbeatable. We check whether this is really the case and show all tariff options, the base rate up to the All-Net-Flat. More on this below!

ALDI TALK prices: base fare with starter set and 10 Euro credit

With the ALDI TALK app download customers the discounter always have all the options of its own ALDI mobile contract ready and can change them quickly and easily. Those who choose the ALDI TALK base fare, buy the so-called ALDI TALK starter set for one-time € 12.99. As a reward, there are 10 euro starting balance and 25 euro bonus credit at a number portability. The SIM card can be used immediately or will be shipped free shipping. The great advantage of the basic rate: there is no minimum sales still fee or contract term.

ALDI TALK pricesALDI TALK Prices: Basic price, All-Net-Flat and music flatrate. Source ALDI TALK

With the ALDI TALK base rate to remain unbound

So if you have a clean slate as possible and would only pay for what he actually consumes, should pick up the ALDI TALK basic tariff. During a telephone conversation domestic calls to ALDI TALK 0.03 € / minute and calls to all other German networks with 0.11 € / min are. billed, as well as SMS at the same price. Calls to ALDI TALK mailbox will be charged. The timing is 60/1. The first minute is thus fully charged, then the second. MMS generally cost 39 cents and can be sent to multiple recipients. But beware: an MMS is calculated separately for each specified recipient.

ALDI TALK tariff packages with included minutes and data volume

When Internet traffic, the user must pay 24 cents per megabyte, if it is posted to any Internet-Flat by S (150 MB for 3.99 €) to XL (2 GB for € 14.99) are available. Billing is in the basic rate in 10 kilobyte increments. Per 10 KB are calculated at the end of a data connection 0.00234375 € what can go quite well into the money with large downloads, or when streaming video clips.

ALDI TALK prices InternetInternet flat rates ranging from S to XL can be booked to the basic rate.

Who is a lot on the phone or travel frequently on the Internet, should choose packages instead of the basic tariff of an ALDI TALK, as these free minutes and a certain amount of data for the excursions to the Internet on board. Very interesting for music lovers the ALDI TALK contained in several contracts is Musikflatrate named ALDI life music. In this way a complete Napster flat rate you can with the package and get paid for it not too high cost.

ALDI TALK following tariff packages are available:

  • ALDI TALK Package 300: 7,99 € per month with 300 minutes / SMS and 400 MB Internet
  • ALDI TALK Package 600: 12,99 € per month with 600 minutes / SMS and 600 MB Internet
  • ALDI TALK All-Net-Flat: 19,99 € per month unlimited calling / SMS and 1GB Internet
  • ALDI TALK Music Package M: 9,99 € per month with 50 call minutes / SMS and 200 MB Internet
  • ALDI TALK Music Package L: € 14.99 per month with 100 call minutes / SMS and 500 MB Internet

Status of all mentioned ALDI TALK prices and tariffs is 02/2016.