Lidl Connect balances query made easy

Lidl Connect balances query made easy

Who wants to know how long he comes with the phone to make ends meet, may be in a few steps Check Lidl Connect balances. We show all the possibilities. Now keep in mind Account!

Lidl Connect the mobile offering the discount, which uses the D-network of Vodafone. There are different rates that come along with typical prepaid conditions – no minimum sales, no contracts or at extra cost. In addition, Lidl offers its users provides a free download of the Lidl Connect app, which makes managing the account should be simplified.

Check Lidl Connect balancesLidl Connect query credits – three options exist

Lidl Connect query credits – three options there

Lidl tried its customers with the Connect offer as far as to accommodate. The offer takes into account various types of users and their habits, which is why there are three options to retrieve the credit.
The following paths are possible:

  • Via Lidl Connect App
  • using a keyboard shortcut
  • via its own account via online Login

Check your credit via app

The app Lidl Connect is not only convenient when it comes to the query of the credit. So users can carry out all administrative matters relating to the application – and when and where he wants. The app provides information on the credit, this can then also be charged directly. In addition, details are displayed for data usage and tariff. If necessary, this can be easily adjusted via click. The app is free and can be downloaded from the above link. In order to work can, the user must register.

Once done, you can query the Lidl Connect balances, if you follow these steps:

  • First, the app is launched.
  • Then click on the tab status.
  • Already highlighted in red the current balance is displayed.
  • If the credit is almost used up, and you just feed them a few bucks on one of the buttons below it.

Lidl Connect balances query AppOne wonders from the balance via app

Balance query via keyboard shortcut

A classic version of the queries via key combination of the mobile device. The advantage here: you need neither the app nor an Internet connection.
This gives the current status by typing the following combination in his cell phone: * 100 # and then send out the green handset or “send” the request. The account balance is displayed instantly.

Account inquiry online

The third way to query his Lidl Connect balances, is online on his account. For this, he goes to this site, logs in with his credentials and then have all the facts and data to its tariff, account balance, etc. at a glance. Again, you can charge the credit or adjust something in the collective as in the app if necessary.

Lidl Connect balances query onlineIn the account of Lidl Connect you have all the information at a glance