With the Avast Clear Download you delete a targeted Avast security programs. In addition to Avast AntiVirus removed the freeware Uninstaller also Avast Internet Security. Here, the free tool in addition to the Avast products deletes all entries in the registry.

Traceless uninstall Avast via Clear Download

Despite the excellent protection, offers the Avast from malware, it is possible that users want to uninstall the software - for example, to switch to a newer version. What sounds straightforward, can be a challenge easily. Anti-virus programs are not so easy to remove as other applications. This is due to the fact that these tools anchor themselves in many parts of the system. Another reason is that the removal process is trickier than in other programs so that the protection by harmful goods can not be canceled. therefore difficult for users to remove antivirus tools completely and without trace. Here Avast Clear helps download - at least for all Avast programs.

So Avast products are removed without trace

First, Windows has started in Safe Mode and saved the Avast Clear download to your computer's desktop. Installation of the program is not required. After starting the tool is selected from the drop-down menu to uninstall Avast product and the folder specified in the software has been installed. By clicking * * REMOVE Avast Clear sets out to find and delete the remains of the software from the hard drive. The specialized Uninstaller uninstalls thoroughly than any manual uninstall Avast products, thereby preventing conflicts when installing new antivirus programs. Following the PC must be restarted.

Avast Clear Download

About Avast

About 230 million people, the anti-virus products from the Czech company Avast Software currently use (own spelling avast!). So are the products of the most successful anti-virus programs on the market. Whatever may be because a lot of the tools for personal use is free of charge. After a test of 30 days to register with your name and a valid e-mail address is used. The company also promises ,, no data to third parties to pass (neither government nor NSA).

Note: The software has been available so far under the name Avast Uninstall Utility to download. The current version under the name Avast Clear is also optimized for Windows 10th