With WhatsApp Plus Themes change the design of the popular App

With WhatsApp Plus Themes change the design of the popular App

The uniform look is out – thanks to the WhatsApp Plus Themes. pimp now the popular Messenger service for personal program! The tuned version of WhatsApp has a large following. Who has not: Here you can download WhatsApp Plus download free. With the clone, the user can send not only larger files, but also change the look and feel of the Messenger app. What it’s all about and how it works, describes the following items. learn here more now!

Setting WhatsApp Plus Themes easy

Almost remember the numerous WhatsApp Plus themes a bit of the free blogging software WordPress. In this the appearance and design can also vary by different themes, while the basic functions are maintained. works similarly well WhatsApp Plus. Prerequisite to use the colorful Messenger Themes of course the WhatsApp software, plus. After setting up the individual design is only a few clicks away.

Simple menu icon Select Plus. Then it continues with the menu items Themes and download. In the instant messaging service, numerous themes are integrated so you can out of this theme Pool Select the desired design comfortable. Practical: Similar to the WordPress themes are displayed in a preview. In this way you can watch before activating already know what hermacht the new theme.

WhatsApp Plus Themespimp Messenger for personal program with WhatsApp Plus Themes

use WhatsApp Themes third party

Who does not find the right thing in spite of the many themes that are pre-installed in WhatsApp Plus, you may find it on other sites. Many site operators have already adopted the theme. A good selection provides this web service. Here, a lot of find additional WhatsApp Plus themes to spice up the Messenger service to personal program.

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WhatsApp designs of soccer players and comic book heroes

On this site there is a large selection of suitable WhatsApp Plus themes. The fans of Ronaldo are well on their costs, such as Friends of the Miions or Super Mario. Just download and view future chat histories with the desired style.

WhatsApp Plus Themes selectionWhatsApp Plus Theme for fans of Ronaldo

WhatsApp Plus with additional options in the Themes

With WhatsApp Plus is a tuned version WhatsApp for Android smartphones, which provides additional options for customizing the popular Messengers. The modified version of the messenger WhatsApp extended to interesting options, ranging from themes and color schemes through to change the app icons. Another advantage of WhatsApp Plus: Photos are not reduced over WhatsApp Plus in the resolution and image quality.

In addition, you can customize with WhatsApp Plus the backgrounds in the chat and menu windows at will and change the text colors. Users are creative also active in the layout, font sizes and colors and size of the images in the chat. Around 700 free themes available after the WhatsApp Plus Download already available.

WhatsApp Plus has now been set

A big advantage of WhatsApp Plus are thus numerous opportunities to make the Messenger app as they wish. Within the app from hundreds Themes ready for free. There are also many other providers that offer additional themes for free and are easy to install.

However, WhatsApp Plus is not an official extension. Hence the alternative WhatsApp Messenger was due to an injunction by WhatsApp unfortunately since been deactivated and adjusted.

  With WhatsApp Plus settings for new look