Templates for OpenOffice Calc

Of the Templates for OpenOffice Calc Download facilitates users capture and print various data using the Excel Alternative Open Office. Even without tedious manual work to set together tables thanks to the free templates from cash or household book on timesheets through to blood pressure index.

Templates for OpenOffice Calc Download with annual and monthly calendar and blood pressure table

Among the templates for OpenOffice Calc also find layouts for folders back, simple calculations or even a diary. Still available: Perpetual calendar and billing for travel expenses. Turns out to be practically the number of pattern tables do their job without macros that are painfully familiar as a potential security risk. In detail, the following templates are included in the templates for OpenOffice Calc: travel expenses, travel journal, Spine, Simple calculation, Perpetual Calendar, Home Finances private, annual / monthly calendar, working time, overtime and leave overview, schedule, blood pressure table

Who here under can not make out right for their needs, finds a link to a website with many other templates in the download area. Otherwise, the templates for OpenOffice Calc are suitable for use with its offshoot LibreOffice. Also, this free office suite can be found in our software catalog. The same applies to templates for Open Office Writer as well as templates for OpenOffice Impress.

Templates for OpenOffice Calc