Of the Lunapic download brings a powerful image editing in the browser. With the free Web App users receive a bulging toolbox suitable for editing photos with effects, text or clip art.

Lunapic Download with plump filled toolbox

Graphic finished the Web service sends directly to friends on Facebook, Twitter and Picasa. Lunapic provides all the basic tools of a local image processing in the browser. The freeware has tools to crop and rotate images as well as filters for contrast, brightness, sharpness and blur. Numerous effects with names such as Sepia, Lightning, Warhol, Painted or dollar bill worth uploaded photos on addition.

Lunapic downloadLunapic Download as versatile online photo editor

In addition Lunapic created small animations in GIF format with snow, rain and other effects desired. Anyone who wants can also jazz up photos with text and free clipart. Finished graphics can be stored locally or on Facebook friends either, Twitter & Co. forward. The free Lunapic makes downloading an image processing for smaller tasks almost superfluous. Positive is the wide range of supported image editing features as well as the easy access to social networks like Facebook.