Of the Green shot Download generated at the touch screen shots. Optionally, the freeware takes up the entire screen, a single window or a freely selectable area.

take screenshots with the GreenShot download and edit

Green shot not only acts as a screen-camera, but also provides equal the ability to edit the snapshots and provided with additional elements and labels. Especially when uncomplicated adding comments or highlighting the freeware shows its particular strengths. Useful is also the opportunity to keep up with GreenShot complete, scrolling web pages in the web browser securely.

The screenshots can be saved as a file, copy it to the clipboard, attach it to an email or send it directly to Office programs. If desired, you can see the pictures also equal upload to web services such as Picasa or Flickr. The current version of Greenshot offers some interesting new features like the attachment of comic-like speech bubbles.

Green shot Download

Who much and often works with screenshots has, with Green shot an efficient program for the creation and further processing of the images at hand. The freeware is also explicitly released for commercial use. Many other screen capture tool for free download are available in our extensive software offering.