WhatsApp chat Fake

WhatsApp chat Fake

Thanks to the application WhatsApp chat Fake can create chat history suits her well users. Here, the tool offers everything to create an authentic screenshot of the invented WhatsApp chats.

Note: With the click on the download button you get to the online version of the fake WhatsApp chat Creator.

Jealous partner? Pranksüchtige friends? The WhatsApp chat Fake helps!

Who wants to purely fictional chats to look real, should try WhatsApp Fake chat. The free tool offers numerous configuration options to create a faithful screenshot of the conversation. In addition to the iPhone interface of WhatsApp and the settings for the profile (including name, profile picture, or online status) also include battery or connection options. The messages themselves can be supplemented by photos in addition to pure text. In addition, optional white green and gray bubbles can be created which (without a gray check mark, two gray check mark or the blue Read-check mark) can be provided with a suitable time stamp, and the status of the messages. So the perfect fake, nothing stands in the way. Which can then be easily downloaded in connection with a click on Download image as a screenshot in PNG format.

WhatsApp chat FakeUnder the tab Messages is a fake WhatsApp chat in iOS style can create. (Picture: FakeMySMS)

Conversations only in the style of the iPhone app

However, there is one small drawback: As convenient and comfortable is the creation of a fake WhatsApp chat with the Web application, there are the screenshots only in the style of iOS app. Unfortunately, users of Android have to either say an argument from the fingers, why they use the WhatsApp surface of the iPhone or an app called Yazzy (Fake Conversations) attack. This can be by the way not only fake messages via WhatsApp but also a manipulated Facebook status or invented SMS create.

Beware of fake conversations

However, one should think twice about what you want to inserting the fake WhatsApp chats. Should it be merely a prank that resolves afterwards, however, is certainly nothing to say. However, if you want to cover up a misstep, it should do so with appropriate thoroughness, because generally those things come to light sooner or later, and then the situation by Fake chats is usually not better.