The Java Runtime Environment provides a Platform for applications and games - regardless of the operating system. So it is possible that Java programs work on any version of Windows and any platform and on any operating system, including Mac OS X, Linux, etc. The separate versions Java Runtime Environment 32-bit download and Java Runtime Environment 64-bit download are available.

Java Runtime Environment download for all systems

Java is not only an Indonesian island but also an object-oriented programming language. This comes from Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle of 2010. The Java technology consists of the Java development tool (JDK) to create Java programs and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) their execution. Program developers have to thanks to Java does not care about the system on which to run their program. The Java Runtime Environment assumes the correct execution on each platform.

Java Runtime Environment Download

Java runtimes as an indispensable duty program for Windows computers

Java has become one like DirectX for mandatory software on any modern Windows. Without the Java, a large number of smaller programs just leave as little use as Java games in the browser. Also, some components of comprehensive applications such as OpenOffice, work only with Java installed. The JRE is virtually invisible in daily use, as the runtime environment only turns on when it is needed for launching Java applications. Various Settings takes the user on demand over the Java Control Panel in front.

Java Runtime Environment download Control Panel

Mobile Java as a good alternative

Many users ask themselves whether they want to install the Java Runtime Environment or not. Security fanatics do not recommend the installation of Java, with a few more security is, however, buys a loss of comfort. The portable version jPortable is slightly slower in execution, but it starts only manually if necessary and minimized as simultaneously the safety risk . With the mobile work environment java-based applications run smoothly. The user starts the Java environment only when he really needed, this reduces the risk that malicious programs can access the Java interface.

Browser plug-in provides chic animations

Also on board in Java Runtime Environment Download is a browser plugin for Java. This is Java applications directly in the browser and allows chic animations on the Internet. The runtime is available as a Java Runtime Environment 32-bit download and available as a Java Runtime Environment 64-bit download. The installation of the 64-bit version is only necessary when using a 64-bit browser. If one uses a 32-bit browser on a 64-bit Windows, so Java 32-bit is the right choice.

Regular updates due to vulnerabilities

The Java Runtime Environment download contains the Java Updater. This checks to see if new updates of the installed Java version is available, downloads them on demand and installs them. So the Java version remains on your own computer is always up to date. Precisely because of the frequent security breaches are recommended regular updates.

Java Runtime Environment download updates

uninstall Java cleanly and reliably

Mess with Java versions? Here JavaRa help. The freeware eliminates the Java run-time environment of Oracle on Windows from the system, leaving no residual data. JavaRa also provides a variety of tools for dealing with Java JRE available. In Java problems of workers allowed in an emergency clean reinstall Java.

Java Runtime Environment download JavaRa