Netflix Hack: Tips to activate secret features

Netflix fans take note - the streaming service can do more than you might think at first. Here comes the legal Netflix Hack! abgucken great tips to the portal and fully enjoy the potential of the subscriptions!

Classic TV, where you depend on fixed transmission times and has to endure commercial breaks are a thing of the past: today is streamed. Among the most popular streaming services includes, in particular for series fans, the US offer Netflix, which can also be consumed on mobile downloading the Netflix app. But most users do not know what so everything is in the service it!

Netflix HackNetflix Hack - Tips and tricks for more fun series

Netflix Hack: Legal Tips and Tricks

The streaming service Netflix is ​​in itself quite well in terms of the offer and its functions. Not for nothing he was so popular - especially with its huge series offer the company succeeds, always to attract new users for themselves. But would not it be nice if you could still improve a little bit the offer and the quality? We have put together some cool tips and tricks.

Tip # 1: Create Netflix Profiles

If a family or Rent a Netflix account divides, it makes sense to create different profiles. So that others can see what you last looked at it prevented. It will save you embarrassing situations because you have, for example, looked at a tearjerker. For this, simply add profile and give it a name. Up to 5 profiles are allowed - you can create, moreover, for itself for different genres.

Tip 2: Offer extended by VPN Tools

This trick can be called Netflix Hack actually because it bypasses the German offer or expanding. Who wants to see the series new products that are already available in the US, only needs an appropriate tool. With applications such as Getflix, Hola or Smartflix it deceives the service that the own IP address from a different country (is recommended the US) comes and you will receive the offer of the country.

NOTE: It could happen, however, that access through Netflix denied. Widespread barriers there are not but.

Tip 3: enjoy Netflix on Smart TV

in others not - in some TVs, the Netflix app is integrated. Who belongs to the second category, no Netflix hack, but simply Google Chromecast needs. This offer ensures that you can project the service on TV.

Tip 4: expanding information about the program

Using an extra tool, the information can be expanded in the library. For Chrome users, we recommend the extension enhancer. If the browser extension enabled, one can obtain, among other things reviews of other movies portals and access to trailers.

Netflix Hack image qualityimprove image quality at Netflix

Tip 5: Optimizing the image

To create a better quality in picture, one looks at the bit rate. For this, the user must log in to Netflix and run the speed test on this page on the PC. After clicking on the play icon, Netflix displays these values:

  • current bit rate
  • Aspect ratio (PAR)
  • Resolution (RES)

Almost as good as a Netflix Hack - the test film can also be started on the smartphone or TV. Instead of the film starts simply insert the movie in your own list and then start later via app there!

Tip 6: Subtitle Settings

Users who like to display the subtitles can improve the quality of the playback. For this purpose, the user logs in with Netflix and goes into the account settings. In the region subtitle display, the size, color, font, etc. can be adjusted. The settings here are applied to all devices in the future.

Tip 7: Disable promotional emails

Who is annoyed by the many tips and referral mail from Netflix, this may turn off effortlessly. For this, there is in the account settings the area of ​​communication settings in which you have to remove the check mark only.

Netflix Hack unogsLibrary for Netflix program of all countries

Tip 8: Global library for Netflix

Those looking for a specific movie in Netflix, only receives the deals of their own country - that is, from Germany. Who wants to see whether the desired title is available in other countries may need a global library. You get with

9 Tip: Sharing a Netflix account

To save money, you need actually no real Netflix Hack: At best, the user is away namely when the most expensive package Netflix shares with other people. So up to four users can enjoy Netflix on multiple devices simultaneously. Perfect for shared flats, families or friends. Everyone would then pay only 3 euros per month, cheaper does not work!

Netflix account hackThe Premium account can be used by several people - saving money

Tip 10: conceal Watched Movies

Netflix are usually based on recommendations seen films. Who wants a particular title is not considered, can prevent that. Just go to the account settings and there under What you viewed raussuchen the corresponding film. Then click the X to finish.