iLiga for Android 2023

iLiga for Android

The latest football news have always and everywhere and do not miss any more goal – that and more offers iLiga app. Minute after minute updates from the creators of Live Scores for major international football leagues. Not the newspaper, not even the news portal on the home computer – who nowadays wants to be on the cutting edge when it comes to football, who can not get to a good football app. The iLiga App Onefootball GmbH is such a candidate.

iLiga app

iLiga app supports push messages

Whoever downloads the application to be Android smartphone, can be set up, among other personalized push notifications for different teams and games. This means: not the user has to see if there is something new, but the App informs the user automatically when there is news. So you miss there’s no more happy and learns first of the current results. Even otherwise, the makers of Android iLiga have tried to speed and timeliness. The scores for the major leagues, for example, is updated every minute and every day there are hundreds of actual football news to game scores, results, transfers and much more from around the world.

iLiga app Dortmund

Football app with player information and statistics

Also, the fan’s heart is not neglected. So you can see all information about the favorite team at a glance in the team stream. Individual player profiles with statistics and figures are provided. Who wants to look outside the box is supplied with game schedules, game scores, statistics and results for each game and each team. And how to do that (also from [freeware] http: // www.<a href =). de / sport Software /" target ="_blank">knows other good download software on sport and football, of course, squad information, tactical formations, player photos and top goal scorers are included. The integrated video press conferences, interviews and highlight clips offer an excellent opportunity for even more news from the football world to learn, both from the biggest clubs in Germany and Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Schalke 04 and internationally popular footballer troops as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

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iLiga app champions League

Live audio coverage of Sport1 integrated

In the current version of iLiga app that now – is called “Onefootball! Pure Football”, the reporting part was again extended. So the radio station Sport1 is now integrated, for example. In this way you can go watch the smartphone app live audio coverage on the phone. The mobile application for real football fans Serious football fans will not get away from this app. The smartphone software knows to have hit the fan’s heart with numerous features higher. So you can, for example, show the latest version of its support and cheer the favorite team. And how the times is now with true-hearted fans: The other teams want to take a close look. It is known that players change so every now and then their home base. Premier international leagues, clubs and players are represented. Just great!