update 30/07/2015: Since 29/07/2015 the upgrade to Windows 10 for Microsoft users is available. The new operating system has the brand new browser Microsoft Edge on board. We show how to start every Internet visit to his favorite site!

06/18/2015: When you first start an Internet browser mostly the manufacturer's page opens. Who wants to start immediately with his favorite page, can also Change Microsoft Edge Home.

Microsoft Edge Home change in a few steps

If you upgrade to Windows 10 or on devices with the pre-installed operating system, a completely new browser software giant is included. For even without Microsoft Edge Download user Windows application in apps and on the taskbar.

Edge to replace the in the aging Internet Explorer and Microsoft establish itself again as browser vendors. For this, the navigation has been within different menu items greatly simplified. In addition, all hidden behind the right mouse button functions were divided into manageable groups so that there are also in the operation with the touch screen no problems.

Change Microsoft Edge HomeChange Microsoft Edge Home. (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

All these innovations provide a fairly intuitive navigation, but very different from the popular browsers. Those who want to change the home page, this may be done in a few steps. Edge offers the opportunity to allow display a new tab, the pages of the last session or self-selected web pages at startup either.

Setting up home pages in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge to change Home is very simple and can even be adapted easily by inexperienced users.

1st step: First, you open the Microsoft Edge application. This is both the corresponding tile in the app display and also by clicking on the Edge icon in the taskbar.

step 2Well the settings menu of the browser is opened. This is at the top right behind the address bar, and is characterized by three points.

Change Microsoft Edge Home Menu(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

step 3Here you go to the last menu item settings. After that, no more navigation in the setup menu is necessary.

step 4: Information to homepage can be changed under Open With. The user has the following options:

  • Home: The browser starts with the welcome page Edge
  • New Tabseite: It always appears a blank page with a combined search / address bar.
  • Previous pages: The tabs of the last closed session are restored.
  • Specific page (s): Under this option, the user can select any page to start the program.

step 5: The last possibility, there is a drop-down menu in the MSN or Bing are clickable. Should the home be another, the Custom option must be selected.

Change Microsoft Edge Home Selection(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

step 6In the recently published strip a URL can now be entered. Who wants to change the Microsoft Edge home page and can not decide for one side, has the ability to set multiple home pages. In this case, the browser opens multiple tabs with selected favorite pages at startup. All settings are saved automatically after entering and need not be reconfirmed.