Capture NX2

Capture NX2 was supplied by Nikon and presents itself as corresponding image editor and converter for house RAW data from digital cameras. In terms of features the shareware not quite enough though to connect with top dogs Adobe Photoshop, quite satisfied for Nikon photographers but their purpose. To capture corrected NX2 common parameters such as brightness, contrast, or color saturation, but also intervenes in the distribution of tones. Also unsightly red eyes and similar disruptions from a virtual retouching brush without too much effort. Similarly, the image processing takes care of wayward exposures and blurring and too high noise. In addition, Capture NX2 care of the transfer of the raw data from the camera to the computer. If in the course of this procedure should something goes wrong, we have Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF images to restore the raw data. Capture NX2 will be rounded by its own image management. This ensures thanks Tags according to the XMP and IPTC standards for fast retrieval and meaningful sorts, even for large stocks of digital recordings.

Limitations of Capture NX2

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