The Sims FreePlay App

The Sims FreePlay App

With the free The Sims FreePlay App can now create their own world users. In the mobile version of the classic game is determined not only gender, hair and eye color, as well as the character of the Sims, but can also let the people of Sim Town interact. The game can be doing in the equipment many different scenarios: to garden design imagination knows no limits of the shack luxury apartment, from the establishment of the bedroom. If pets or a new car – the Sims is almost everything available what it is in real life.

The Sims FreePlay App

More than 100 million downloads of The Sims FreePlay App

Even the classic Sims bestowed the developer Electronic Arts record-breaking sales. With The Sims Freeplay just manages EA in the field of apps to bring one of the most successful simulation games on the market. Featuring stunning graphics and intuitive menu navigation is through countless choices in shaping the Sims and buildings and numerous quests uniquely addictive. The Sims FreePlay app offers – unlike The Sims 3 for Android – a breathtaking diversity of interaction. So Sims can take not only different professions or pursue personal hobbies, but also fight or fall in love, start a family and testify offspring.

Quests and objectives

Thus Sim Town can grow, the user must complete quests and achieve goals. Currently, there are 25 quests, dating back to the level 26th With completion of the tasks new content or features are enabled in the Sims FreePlay App. it does the ToDo’s particularly fast, there are even bonus items on top of it. For that displays a timer, how much time the players still remaining. In addition to ordinary goals, there is the so-called social goals. To achieve this, the player must log in using their Facebook account. So you can connect with friends and visit their cities also in the Sims FreePlay App.

The currencies in the Sims FreePlay app

As in all free-to-play games and The Sims FreePlay is basically free. However, it needs a good dose of patience in order to reach the next level without using real money. The Sims need a lot of care and attention in order to gain the necessary experience points. Even rockier is the way to make money – earn – so-called Simoleons. They are required to expand the city and earn game-relevant objects. Lifestyle points for weddings, children or pets needs – they are still rarer and harder to earn than Simoleons and should be saved from the beginning. If that whole process takes too long or who want to save any lifestyle points, which can speed up the game progress by buying Simoleons or lifestyle points.