Only on the appropriate platform can be announce TV movie liveHere know where you will be streaming and subscription really going on what deadlines must be met for termination!

announce TV movie liveterminate on the right platform TV movie live. (Picture: TV Spielfilm Verlag GmbH / Editorial)

Depending on whether you are paying for their subscriptions in the browser or by downloading the TV Movie app in iTunes, Amazon or PlayStore: cancellation can be only on this portal perform online. If you have booked for example, the Premium Package on the iPad, you can not terminate on the website of TV feature film there. This is in this case only with the corresponding user account on iTunes. Where you call this account - whether on a mobile device or on a PC or Mac, however, do not care.

cancel Online TV movie live & eke out

The overview provides for each booking option the corresponding step-by-step explanation of termination. The offer live premium can then be completed by the end of the thirty active runtime without time limit. However, a processing time of about 24 hours should be taken into account if the subscription has not completed directly on the website of TV Movie.

1. In the browser

the subscription to the website of TV feature film has been completed, it can be finished in the account settings here:

  • Access the web site of TV movies and log in with the account data.
  • In the settings, the options must be chosen to change my subscription and packages.
  • This opens a new window with the booked packages and here you click the bottom terminate on the button subscription.
  • Now only confirm the cancellation and, with the expiration of the term for the free basic package.

TV Spielfilm live terminate the browserThe easiest way to work the notice, if one has completed the subscription directly with the provider. (Picture: TV Spielfilm Verlag GmbH / Editorial)

2. Google Play

To announce live on Play TV movie, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Play Store and log in with, if necessary with the user data.
  • open the main menu behind the three horizontal lines and here, select Account.
  • Now, the point here is the subscription and select TV movie package and click Unsubscribe button.

TV Spielfilm live cancel Google Playannounce TV movie via Google Play. (Screenshot: Editorial)

3. In iTunes

Once you complete the subscription on the iPhone, iPad, or on a different path with iTunes, proceed as follows:

  • iTunes call and log in with the account data.
  • Under the Settings option, the points iTunes & App Store and Apple ID and Apple ID Show open.
  • Here we find the point subscriptions and TV Movies
  • Select the option to terminate subscription and confirm the cancellation.

TV Spielfilm live terminate iTunesUnder iTunes can be booked here subscriptions manage. (Photo: Apple / Editorial)

4. Watch It

Under Amazon completed subscriptions to announce this:

  • call the Amazon site and log in with the login information.
  • Under the option My Account at the bottom select the point My apps and devices.
  • switch to the left side to my subscriptions and turn off the automatic extension under actions and confirm the operation.