The free MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace brings the entry ticket to the world free of charge. An intuitive interface tinker entry below tracks that can be heard. A click on the song is already on MySpace. This scaled-down version of the music maker dispensed with one or the other of the full Goodie MAGIX Music Maker. Nix nevertheless several synthesizers, drums and audio samples are ready to get started immediately after the start. Small but nice feature: The seamless integration with MySpace invites the Free Studio finished songs directly with a few clicks on MySpace high. For this, the Maker even comes with its own stylish flash audio player. In the freeware MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace, everything is possible, although not in the latest version: sounds and instruments from the studios of successful producers, cool effects, a mixer and an understandable user interface. Producer-beginners: testing.

Limitations of MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace

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