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Since the manufacturer Data Becker has suspended business activities, Stream Catcher is no longer offered. Alternatively, free programs such as Debut Video Capture Software and AVS accept VCR similar tasks. With Stream Catcher a virtual recording device for sound and moving picture on the computer. The shareware makes itself useful both as a recorder for what happens on the desktop as well as a downloader for clips on sites such as YouTube. In addition, Stream Catcher takes off, copies of audio streams from the local hard drive or extract the audio tracks from movies. Pictures collectors are likely to continue to enjoy a tool to automatically download all the graphics of a website. So the user does not grow gradually on its collection of videos, sounds and images over the head, the assistant organizes relevant files in a library. Stream Catcher is rounded off by a cutting tool, which brings both video and audio in the desired shape. In addition, it prepares the data to burn to (S) VCD, DVD or prepares them for transfer to mobile devices. Slightly less capability, the free little brother Stream Catcher Free. This we also offer for download.

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