team Manager

team Manager

The free team manager upgraded football coach with a versatile administrator for team work out. The digital workbook organizes all relevant player and team data, creates training and fixtures and provides coaches with meaningful statistics.

All important information at hand with the Team Manager Download

The team manager puts an end to the paper chaos on the sidelines. Time According to the coach created using the freeware Statistics played matches and scored successes. With the built-in calendar you keep the next game plays well in view. The program provides coaches with important information about the next opponents, facilitating individual preparation of your own team. The freeware stores to each player data such as name, age and phone number. In an absence list the free tool captures the player losses during training and game phases.

Team Manager Download

make settings for the new season with the team manager

After the team manager downloading and installing the coach first sets a new database. He gives here his name and the name of his teams, as well as his care area, so seniors or juniors. After that he can make the settings for the new season. Add with a click of a player, he gets into a Input mask in which all the data of his players are noted can. These range from first name and last name, mailing address and birthday to phone, email, and height and weight. In addition, it will specify whether it is a right-footer, a left-footer or a gifted footed kicker.

noted features and strengths of the players

Other interesting properties can be checked. Here the coach holds for example if there is a smoker and whether the player is quite susceptible to injury. It can also specify whether it is a stand-by player or a player-coach and whether it comes from their own youth. Similar to the individual players , the coach in his team’s list his care teams. In both lists can be at your fingertips at any time individual players or teams whatsoever.

Special training, friendly matches and individual meetings

Of the Team Manager Download also provides a calendar available where all are registered with the training and competitions related events, so for example, special training, friendly matches, cup matches, individual meetings, team meetings or negotiations.

Team Manager Download

Various interesting statistics are available

numerous Statistics can be viewed and printed in Team Manager. Information on results, shape the course, efficiency, use of minutes and substitutions are the football coach to each player on fingertips. Other sport and tournament programs are available in our free download offer. Useful helper for team managers and coaches Football teachers have with the team manager a useful helpers for organizing the coach everyday at hand. Especially valuable is the statistics function that delivers an overview of the achievements and coaches can serve as objective decision support for the next team’s formation. On the basis of verifiable performance assessments also when and where improvements in the training course are necessary get team managers clues.