Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image editing browser with Flash support. It attracts effects for quick and easy alienation of images, text overlays, insert clipart and frames and more. Functionally comes the Photoshop Web App not really to the original approach, but she already has some very useful functions for photo editing with.

Edit workflow for images: Adobe Photoshop Express for free

The adaptation of digital images is available on request in full screen mode, the Adobe Photoshop Express is almost like one of the other free photo editing downloads from the freeware catalog. Who wants to take it very well, with the zoom function magnify the image material. The visible image is shifted either via a navigation window, or as in the Adobe Photoshop full version while holding the space bar and the left mouse button with the mouse. If you select any machining, it is actually applied only after a reconfirmation. Until then, the last processing status for comparison is available by holding the switch only.

Adobe Photoshop Express for free

Most features of Adobe freeware that Photoshop for free brings into the browser to provide some selectable presets, the targeted adaptation of individual parameters detail is usually not possible. Per undo and redo the last editing can be undone or restored. Practical: This function is not limited to the current tool, but includes all the processing steps from the start made on.

Features of photo editing in detail

The image editing features of Adobe Photoshop Express are simple to use and all your left clearly listed in the toolbar. When crossing each features a brief description is displayed. Which is, however, held in English, the published start of the project German version is unfortunately apparently no longer available. Therefore, we provide the following is a brief list and explanation of the commands:

  1. Image editing functions
    • Crop & Rotate: crop and rotate images
    • Resize: Resize image
    • Auto Correct: Automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast
    • Exposure: To lighten or darken the image
    • Red-eye: Remove red-eye from shots of people. Eyes are simply marked with the mouse and the red automatically removed.
    • Touch Up: The counterpart to the PS Clone tool helps in removing scratches and disturbing objects from photos.
    • Saturation: Changes the image saturation and can impart more strength so colors.
    • White Balance: White balance adjusts the color temperature of the light conditions of the recording.
    • Highlight: Highlights the Heligkeit of the brightest areas of the image produced on.
    • Fill Light: Simulated subsequent addition of a photo flash
    • Dodge: Lighten a selectable image area. The brushes can be adapted in hardness and effect.
    • Burn: counterpart to Dodge darkens selectable image areas
    • Sharpen: Subsequent sharpening of the image. Caution, depending on the image quality distinct fragments can arise here.
    • Soft Focus: counterpart to Sharpen, reduces the sharpness of detail
  2. Photo effects
    • Crystallize: Makes the image look like looking through a kaleidoscope
    • Pixelate: reducing the bit rate, characterized pixelated view with coarse blocks
    • Pop Color: Analyzes the colors in the image, then one of the existing color is highlighted by the selection and all other reduced
    • Hue: color filter for uniform change of all colors in the image
    • Black & White: Makes the image black and white
    • Tint: Similar to black and white, but with different colors rather than white
    • Sketch: Adding a Schraffureffekts in various strengths
    • Distort: ‚Äč‚Äčinserting various distortions in a selectable screen area, for example, swelling, swirls or also a kind of wiper fingers. In this tool, the adaptation of the efficiency is possible.
  3. decorations
    • Text: Insert a freely positionable text field. Font, color, text style, and transparency can be freely selected.
    • Bubbles: Insert freely positionable bubbles with the same parameters.
    • Stickies: sticking note papers in different colors
    • Party, Animals, Costumes, Sports, Expressions: Adds a different variable in size and transparency clipart
    • Frames: Inserting photo frame for parts of or the entire image with adjustable transparency

Adobe Photoshop Express for free - download not necessary

Adobe Photoshop Express makes a free online version of the Adobe-top dogs when it comes to photo editing quite a good figure. The Picture Editor is understood, although only with the JPG format in its various versions, but this is also the most widely used image format for digital cameras. For this, the photo editing with the free version, of course, not nearly as comprehensive as the full version, or also already slimmed Adobe Photoshop Elements, but offers just for beginners or the fast Online image editing between a quite useful functions. Creating slideshows and picture galleries as well as the free online storage were incidentally now spun off from Adobe Photoshop Express and since then have found their new home in Adobe Revel. is a bit of a shame that the transfer of PS Express to Revel is not directly possible, but requires storage on the local PC and the subsequent upload. By the way is with the Adobe Photoshop Express app optimized for touch surfaces Photoshop Freeware to disposal.

Limitations of Adobe Photoshop Express

For some areas a free registration from the manufacturer is necessary.