Doppelkopf XXL …. the world is your Stammtisch!

Doppelkopf XXL is a DOKOprogramm with numerous rule settings. So you can play, for example, with or without nines. There are over 100 sets of rules - one rule helpers leads understood by all special rules with explanation. By pressing a button but also to play after the official DOKO order. It is also possible a free connection to the game server: Here you can see who is online, join a running game, open up even a table or a running game to watch with open cards. A separate mailbox for Verabreden, as well as numerous high score lists are also available. Games from the score lists are nachspielbar, in the user profile of each player's best and worst game of that play and visible. An integrated chat globally and internally game allows easy communication. Of course there are friends lists to more easily see if a friend is online. But also ignore list protects against uninvited appearance. So you can see who you play, every user has the option to upload a picture. Not least, it is necessary to mention the extensive soundtrack that gives rise to a realistic gaming experience. Here you can choose the gender of his teammates free. New in version: &# 45; create your own online Doko club or join a &# 45; set up some own from online tournaments or measure yourself in online tournaments with other players &# 45; design your own cards and record your own sounds on

Limitations of double-head XXL .... the world is your Stammtisch!

By chance a variant is disabled, no mailbox in the game server, waiting screens, play only after official rules