Construction Simulator 2015 2023

Construction Simulator 2015

in the Construction Simulator 2015 Download capped builders are sought. If you’ve always wanted to pull up the first stone to the roof of a building, gets the chance in this simulation. Faithful machines from LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL with an extremely realistic control ensure authenticity. In addition, more than 150 sites and 200 sub-tasks await a capable supervisor.

Construction Simulator 2015 Download for budding builders

For simulation fans, there is nothing that does not exist: Trucks, control airplanes or racing cars or go into the football or agricultural industry. By downloading the Construction Simulator 2015 users can now take on the construction industry under the microscope. For this, the simulation game from the house has weltenbauer. Software development 15 different equipment on board, the original machines from STILL, MAN and Liebherr are modeled. Users can thus prove their skills to mobile cranes, various types of excavators, loaders, construction trucks, concrete pumps and other equipment.

Construction Simulator 2015Construction Simulator 2015 Download with original equipment (Picture: weltenbauer)

built everything with stone. can pull up concrete, wood and steel: from small houses to industrial building. Rounding out the feeling of being on the construction, by the realistic control, which supports, among other things, the Euro-control of excavators, as well as the original sound, which was specially recorded from real machine.

System requirements for the Simulator game

For use on a PC Windows 7 to 10 is necessary. In addition, a dual-core processor at 2.4 GHz and 4 GB of RAM is required. The manufacturer also requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 1GB of VRAM, a sound card and a mouse and keyboard. For greater fun and more genuine driving experience of listings support for joysticks, steering wheels and gamepads provides.

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Construction Simulator 2015 game worldConstruction Simulator come true builders dreams. (Picture: weltenbauer)

Variety is guaranteed in the Construction Simulator 2015

In addition to the wide range of machines also provide countless tasks and building sites for enough variety. Overall, the user can let off steam in 150 construction sites and solve 200 subtasks. In addition, the game world of construction simulator is extremely large. Different neighborhoods and areas are navigable. In all the fun they can be left only not dealers and suppliers. On the construction continuously new material is finally needed. Who hires well as the client can count on larger orders and more attractive offices.

Construction Simulator 2015 Download changeThe user can let off steam in 150 construction sites. (Picture: weltenbauer)

If necessary, players can divide tasks in multiplayer mode and master so common Baumissionen. four players can work together as a team per game.

Full modding support in the construction Game

Those who like himself is working on the expansion of game content, is received in the Construction Simulator 2015 with open arms. The game supports modding where it can. This in turn is causing a fresh variety.