Of the ps-biblio Download works as a complete solution for managing libraries in Windows. From cataloging the inventory up to hire the manager is actively librarians in all tasks aside.

ps-biblio download for all tasks of cataloging and rental

Ps-Biblio libraries do all the tasks of cataloging and rental. This includes the collection of rental and return operations and the stock of books. All customer leads of books helper in a database In addition to the master data of the helpers also collects data for reminders. Especially the connection to the online book database makes the acquisition of new books a breeze: The employee must cover only the ISBN number with the barcode scanner ps biblio gets the song information from the Internet. With the software, the librarian also handles the printing of bar codes and lists. Schools, public libraries and archives relieve ps-biblio books management and loan management without long familiarization with the program.

On the main interface to perform all tasks that arise every day in a library takes place. In this case, the additional files help in the download area. Here could be called as a keyboard pad, which simplifies operation of ps-biblio. In addition, an additional program that provides assistance when creating the German library statistics can be found there.

ps-biblio Download

Limitations of ps-biblio

The trial version is limited to 1000 media and 100 users.