Delete Snapchat account in a few steps!

Who his Delete Snapchat account want, we reveal below, where he finds the link to delete your own profile and then what happens to their own profile. Learn More Now over Snapchat account terminate!

Delete Snapchat account made easy

When Snapchat Download is a free instant messaging service for use on smartphones and tablets. Photos can be sent to the app in an uncomplicated way to friends. The pictures are only for a few seconds and are visible "to destroy" then learn by themselves. This principle is at the users of good, but Snapchat also had quite a bit of criticism. So it is for example possible with relatively simple means to find the sent files in the directory structure of the device used and also restore. From a certain destruction of the snapshots so out of the question.

Delete Snapchat account

Some vulnerabilities have been known, and a collection of about 200,000 images that were sent with the app, fell accidentally into circulation. To criticize are also opaque rights in dealing with user data as well as their storage and transmission. Who nose need to look at pictures of friends and acquaintances and comment on full or just does not feel like permanently from all that should quench his Snapchat account.

The Snapchat account has to be terminated by hand

It is not enough merely to uninstall the Snapchat app. In this case, the account remains still active. To log out completely from the social network Snapchat, the account has to be terminated by hand via a web browser. The deletion of your own account is of course not in the sense of Snapchat, so that the manufacturer of the app has, as usual, somewhat hidden the Delete function. We show step by step how it works.

Snapchat Delete Account Support

First step: call Snapchat website Support link to delete the account

First, the user deletes his Snapchat app from iPhone or Android smartphone. After that, the path leads to the Snapchat website. The page for deletion of the account is in the support section. The user scrolls on the Snapchat side all the way down and click on support. Now he is one into the search field Delete account and then receives a link called Delete an account with which the deletion can take place. If you want to save the previous steps, also can use the following direct link:Delete Snapchat account

Delete Snapchat AccountLink

Step Two: Log in with your username and password

Now the user must log in using their Snapchat account. He enters his user name and password, assures a mouse click that he is not a robot. After the user is logged correctly, can finally carried the deletion of Snapchat accounts. This can not be undone. All contacts, images and movies are disposed irrevocable. It should be noted that one's name is released. so it can after Snapchat account delete other users with the old Snapchat names login and login.

Delete Snapchat account login