The ADAC Driving App offers itself as a complement to the learning materials from the driving school. The free license app can also be used offline and contains many useful features such as meaningful statistics on learning and exam simulator.

ADAC Driving App with the current driver's license questions

The ADAC Driving App for smartphones and tablets is available for both Android devices and iOS systems such as iPhone and iPad. An illustrative traffic light system summarizes the test results at a glance together well. The novice app contains the current driver's license issues from 2016 and already the new exam questions 2017. The app is suitable for the following license classes: B (car), A, A1, A2, AM (motorcycle) and mopeds as well as the truck driver's license classes C, C1, CE, L and T.

ADAC Driving AppADAC Driving App for all vehicle classes (Picture: ADAC)

Driver's license app with the official test images

Learning with the ADAC Driving App and practice novice drivers for the theory test and the official online exam questions are complete and free of hands, at least when they are ADAC customers. Who is not a member of the ADAC, can at least try a demo version. all current questions of the driving license are available for the success of the theory test. The exam situation perfectly replicate the license application is held in the form of official testing surface with the official test images. All video questions are also included.

Those who still have difficulties in some areas, can repeat particularly tricky questions and practice the most difficult content tactically. Easy with the ADAC membership number login and mobile practice on tablet or smartphone, the driving license theory.

ADAC Driving App issuesDriver's license app with the official test images (Image: ADAC)

highlight key issues and practice separately

are those questions that the user does not have enough trained or in which he has already made mistakes on demand, systematically crammed. the questions of raw material and additive for your own driving license are structured in thematic units available via the function issues. The questionnaires feature summarizes the driving license questions on sheets together and puts them in the usual style is.

The user can select app issues in the driving test, giving it as particularly important. They are called separately under marked questions. reveals a statistic to the experienced issues when the driving newcomer is ready for the exam registration.

ADAC Driving App Watch ListThe shopping list of the selected questions (Image: ADAC)