Calendar year 2016

Whether for planning the holiday or to hold recurring private or business meetings - with the free Annual calendar 2016 Download Users are well organized in the coming year. The download includes different formats that can be printed as needed.

Annual calendar 2016 download for the annual plan

Who wants to take over the planning of next year in attack requires one thing above all: a good overview. Finally, the annual leave should be best placed. Top brings you a few long weekends sent by and see how to exploit the holiday of children optimally. In addition to the school holidays also has some importance, on which data Easter and on which days of the week Christmas or birthdays fall. But not only for the advance planning, a calendar is useful.

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Throughout the year all dates at a glance

In the best case, a calendar, like this year calendar 2016 Download a companion for the entire year. There, medical appointments for the whole family are entered, the layers of the parents, school trips of children and visits to the grandparents. But even weekly or monthly recurring events can be held there, so that they do not forget the daily stress.

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Different formats of the calendar year 2016

In the provided here Download it are two different variants of the calendar year, both of which were packed into a ZIP file. Thus, both versions can be downloaded with one click. The first calendar provides every month is on one side. The lines are thus relatively compact. The second variant, per side, a half year. With this, the size of months has doubled, so that when the individual days even more room for notes remains.

The layout of the calendar year, however, is kept extremely simple and comes as black and white variant therefore. The weekend days are displayed in two shades of gray. Also, bank holidays are highlighted in gray. Other holidays that exist only in some states are named without color highlighting.