Tellonym app

Tellonym app

give feedback anonymously and having to do not mince his words: The Tellonym app make it possible. The tool brings the online service on your smartphone – and, we tell you how.

Tellonym appWith the app Tellonym Your anonymous feedback can give and receive. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

be anonymous honest with Tellonym app

Feedback is important. But sometimes you want it to remain anonymous and simple. You like someone, but you do not trust you to say it? Or you did not like the presentation of the students, but you do not want to address personally to him? Or you are interested, just what others think of you? For all these situations Tellonym is available as a web app for some time. Now the service is also on smartphone.

The opportunity to give feedback anonymously, many may already know from the Sarahah app. The Tellonym app brings you the whole thing on German closer.

share feedback link with other

You want to even get feedback? Then you snapped your personal feedback link that you will receive after registration and post it for example in your Instagram bio or on Facebook. Also Snapchat or your WhatsApp status can you thus provided.

The difference Sarahah: You can feedback what you have received, and comment. Moreover Likes distribute – where you then see also, by whom the thumb comes up.

comment Tellonym appThe so-called Tells can also comment on it. (Picture: callosum)

follow friends: Recognized or anonymously

You can easily follow your friends at Tellonym. Once a new comment is published, you will inform the app about it. Here, the whole thing can again anonymize: Your friends can know that you are following them – but do not: You can also completely undetected simply read along.

Convenient for users in rural areas or otherwise poor Internet connection: The app works even with weak internet. All interactions are stored in the program and sent to the network once you’re back properly connected.

Tellonym app notificationNew interaction? You will receive a notification. (Picture: callosum)

Beware of bullying

Similar Sarahah are also the Tellonym app other, you may not be quite well-meaning users the opportunity to write insulting things. If you pass something, else send confidants or help on the Internet. Let insults and hate messages do not get too close to you. You can also report nasty messages. Tellonym checked daily around 200 messages and deletes them about 60 percent.

but the same applies to you: Respect yourself each other, even in the anonymity of the Internet. You never can hurt your someone with malicious words know how much. the app uses so please only constructive, although honest, but also friendly feedback and dispensed insults, sexist messages and hate comments. Be nice to each other!