The Instagram Bio is something like the poster child of the account. Anyone who wants to put himself on the social photo network to fame, needs a meaningful and well-designed self-description. And that can in itself be challenging due to the limited space. We show you how to get the perfect Organic!

Instagram BioThe Instagram Bio is your figurehead. And can you customize according to your wishes. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

stage the Instagram bio perfect

You have the Instagram app installed and now faces the challenge: your profile. 150 characters that the statements spot-on about you, what your followers need to know, without giving too much away, but without missing anything. And then the whole thing should also be as striking and presentable, decorated with emoji, and other symbols or even a failed font. Line breaks can be seen again and again - but fails quickly even it.

What does not work are clickable links. And formatting, such as bold or italic font can not be inserted in the biography. Yet you are thanks to various tricks a few design options to choose from.

First challenge: The line break

Instagram's mainly a smartphone app. Do you want your Instagram bio but create on the phone, your faces a problem: line breaks do not work. But what other users fix this? Simple: By off in front of the PC and log right in their accout. Use the return key is your normal line breaks.

A trick's done as well as via mobile phone. Just write your bio in the Notes app and then copies them into the appropriate field in Instagram. In the note-taking app indeed allow for set breaks.

And on Facebook as the Bio can be changed if you have linked your accounts. simply calls for the Instagram settings via the Facebook account.

Instagram bio PCSome changes take your best over the PC. (Picture: pixabay)

Centered text and blanks at the beginning of the line

This not arise accidentally double spaces, Instagram filters these as well as those out on a line. But do you want to center as text, you are dependent on space. The trick: Use non-breaking spaces. This also created your PC, preferably in Word, and inserts it. Pushes to ** [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Space] or use the numeric keypad, the combination [alt] + [0160]. These spaces can you now copy it to the Bio. Here you have to, if appropriate, play around a bit.

Emoji, and alternative writings in bio

Best you edit your Instagram Bio best by mobile phone if your emoji want to insert. The You should however make after your any organic changes have performed via PC. Once your namely changed the Bio via Facebook, it may be that your set Emojis kicked out again.

Do you want to insert symbols, however, that you find only the character library of the PC, of ​​course, the computer takes precedence again.

When it comes to font be posted to the PC for election. But take care that can be the font of Instagram displayed and is also easy to read. But Optionally, you can watch a font app load onto the smartphone.

Maybe you have to also play around a bit, so Instagram actually displays the changes. Every now and then something changes. Example, we had problems with other fonts and secured spaces were not always accepted: emoji, however, were no problem.

Instagram Bio EmojisEmoji are no problem. (Image: Screenshot Instagram / Editorial)

Fail: the content

but that probably most important thing is next to all the formatting of the content. Here you should consider you what you want to express your. What is at stake in your account? To yourself? To a certain topic?

Important addition: User and Profile Name

With your profile name and your user name other users will find you. This is important not only for individuals, but especially for companies that want to present themselves on Instagram. Although this data is not directly in the bio, but they are basically the complete package to do so. Who wants to be found, should specify the name under which it is already known elsewhere. 30 characters you have available for this purpose.

Does your other channels through which one knows you, it also helps to use a uniform profile picture. This increases the recognition value.