Diary Activity, ie diary lead in the electronic age. The freeware allows users to create illustrated Day notes with kalendarischem Overview - even for multiple users. On the first start a playful surface greeted digital diarist. create users, assign password and away you go. For each calendar day you wear a thought and also provides messages with a picture of the day. In addition, users stop here mood, weather and well-being on the day fixed. To bring Diary activity with meaningful little pictures, details of which you simply select with a click from a list. Upon request, but it also inserts its own graphics. The freeware diary Diary Activity has everything what it needs so all the diary Run. Thanks to the integrated editor for any text design as well as calendar and picture of the day is produced as a comprehensible impression of that day. but for free - but the user interface and underlying technology are more at the level of the 90s.