SF card

SF card

Of the SF Card Download printing various types of greeting cards, certificates, signs, etc. With a few clicks here to create very individual creations.

SF card download for Greeting Cards Build Your Own

Background, frame, image, effects, and text – these are the ingredients for delicious Cards & Co. Building Your Own. Once you get used only once to the somewhat stale user interface and feel, making the work with SF card is also quite well out of hand. Included offerings such as frames, etc. are quite abundant, but a matter of taste. Who the templates do not like, simply create summarily own or makes use of the additive package in the download area.

Various functions are available, such as the fitting of imported images of finished forms for post processing. Finished cards can be exported in addition to the pressure on request as an image file or email. Technically certainly not on the amount of time for the necessary grip is not as deep into their pockets. SF card produced with nice surface nice card off the glossy world. Anyone who feels there is well advised with the shareware.

SF Card Download

Limitations of SF card

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